City Council

The City of Ogallala utilizes a Council-Manager form of government. The City Council Members are elected to a four year term with staggered terms every two years.

Council Members...

President: Kevin Block
Vice President: Darryl Weddington
Buck Bassett
Steve Krajewski
Chris Laflan

(C=Chair,   V=Vice Chair,   S = Secretary,   T= Treasurer,   X=Ex-officio)



Kevin Block


Kevin Block
President of the Council
Elected Date: 12-11-2018
Term Expiration: 12-13-2022
Boards & Committees: 
Board of Health
Chamber of Commerce
West Central Nebraska Development District



  Darryl Weddington
Vice-President of the Council
Elected Date:  12-13-2016
Term Expiration: 12-10-2024
Boards & Committees: 
Ogallala Community Hospital Advisory Board
West Central Nebraska Joint Housing Authority

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  Buck Bassett
Elected Date:  12-08-2020
Term Expiration:  12-10-2024
Boards & Committees:
Kenfield Petrified Wood Gallery

Steve Krajewski   Steve Krajewski
Appointed Date: 03-08-22
Term Expiration: 12-13-22
Boards & Committees:
West Central Nebraska Development District alternate

Chris (002)



Chris Laflan

Appointed Date: 10-13-2020
Term Expiration: 12-13-2022
Boards & Committees:
Keep Keith County Beautiful
Keith County Area Development
Library Board
Western Resources Group