Waste Water Treatment Plant

Doug Flores
2820 East Riverdale Drive
Ogallala, NE 69153
308.284.4200 fax


The wastewater treated at this facility is the domestic and commercial waste generated by the City of Ogallala.  The treatment facility is a two-stage trickling filter plant with anaerobic digestion.  Other treatment processes include screening, grit removal, primary clarification, two stage trickling filtration, intermediate and final clarification, anaerobic sludge digestion, liquid sludge disposal and sludge drying beds. 

In April 2001, Activated Sludge treatment was added to the process to aid ammonia removal.  The addition consists of a process building with three sludge recirculation/waste pumps, two blowers with controls, two aeration basins, and two final clarifiers. 

Click here for the Ogallala Water Pollution Control Facility booklet.

Chain and Rake Monster Information

Chain and Rake Manual for Ogallala WWTP