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John Sauer
Water Superintendent 
503 East 2nd Street
Ogallala, NE 69153
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The City of Ogallala Water Department's primary mission is to supply the City with safe drinking water and adequate fire protection for all consumers.  


The City's water is provided by 8 municipal wells, with depths ranging from 203 feet to 403 feet. 

Combined pumping capacity of 6,260 gallons per minute. 

Combined daily pumping capacity of 9 million gallons.

Average daily summer demand of 2.5 million gallons. 

Peak daily demand of 4 million gallons.

Annual daily demand of 1.3 million gallons.

Average daily winter demand of .7 million gallons

Storage capacity of 1.5 million gallons.

The water distribution system serves in excess of 5,000 consumers.  The utility maintains approximately 50 miles of water main, valves, fire hydrants, wells, and storage facilities.  Ogallala has 1,854 residential service connections and 367 commercial service connections. 

The Citizen's of Ogallala enjoy a dependable, plentiful supply of clean, safe, high quality, great tasting water, which does not necessitate a chemical treatment plant. 

Water Main Map

Sewer System Map


Ogallala is continuing construction of another well field, part of which is in production, with additional future pumping capacity of 2.9 million gallons per day.  Also scheduled are a number of water and sewer extensions. 

What is a Cross Connection?
A plumbing cross-connection is defined as a connection between a public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution.  In other words, a cross-connection makes it possible for contaminated material to enter into the drinking water supply when the pressure of the polluted source is greater than the pressure of the water supply.  This can result in a backflow or siphon effect (a reversal in the normal direction of water flow). 

Responsibilities of the Consumer
The water user has the primary responsibility to keep contaminates out of the potable water supply.  This responsibility begins at the users connection and includes any water service piping on the property (for instance, a garden hose is an extension of your water service).  In the public water supply system, CONSUMERS are required to assess and report potential backflow hazards on their premises and take any steps necessary for protection of public health and safety.  It is a City of Ogallala ordinance that all faucets with garden hose threads be protected with hose bib vacuum breakers when in use with a hose.  This is a reminder to have everyone reinstall their hose bibs in the spring before connecting a hose to their faucets. 

Backflow Assemblies
Backflow assemblies are designed to eliminate the potential threat of a contaminate or pollutant from entering the public water supply system where a cross-connection exists and insures the safety and quality of the public water supply system.

2022 Water Quality Report



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