The City of Ogallala provides water/sewer service within the city limits of Ogallala.

To set up new water/sewer service with the City of Ogallala you must complete a Consumer Agreement, pay a $100 deposit, cash or check (we do not accept credit/debit cards), and provide a copy of a valid photo id. The deposit can be waived if 2 Letters of Credit are provided. The Letters of Credit must be from other utility companies, i.e. electric, gas, water/sewer, and must show that service was provided for at least 12 continuous months with no late fees. Letters of Credit can be emailed to or faxed to 308-284-6565.

Our Municipal Code regarding water/sewer service can be found here

Click the links below for more information and forms:

water-and-faucetUtility Fees

Payment Arrangement

Homeowner's Agreement                                                                  

Auto Pay Form

Contrato de Consumidor de Agua y Aguas Servidas

Acuerdo de Pago